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Child listening to Jesus by the seaDo you wish you could share your Christian faith with your friends, but struggle to get the words out? Make it as simple as PRAY and PLAY.
PRAY for your friend, then show them the app on your phone or tablet and press PLAY. I want to make it simple enough that a child can do it.

No verses to memorize. No worrying about what to say next. It's as easy as sitting down with a friend and showing them your latest video game. Narrated in English and Spanish

The app to share the Good News of how to have a relationship with God through Jesus Christ is now available on the iTunes Store and on Google Play.

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Take the fear our of evangelism. Share the gospel naturally. Let your friend hold the phone and interact with the app, but when it comes time for the prayer of salvation, if you can read, I encourage you to pause the presentation and pray together.

Preview the App (its about 6 minutes long).

Before you show the App

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What if they say yes?

New July 4, 2016: Also available in an English/Ukrainian version.

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